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Infantry Guidon


What is a guidon?

For the Army as described in Chapter 6 of Army Regulation 840-10, guidons are swallow-tailed marker flags in branch-of-service colors, measuring 20 inches at the hoist by 27 inches at the fly, with the swallow-tail end forked 10 inches. In lay-men’s terms it’s a flag. Previously guidons were made of wool bunting, and if serviceable these older versions may still be used. Current guidons are made of heavyweight rayon banner cloth. Old guidons show letters and numerals reversed as if printed through on the reverse of the guidon. Current guidons are made so that letters and numerals read correctly on both sides.

Signal Guidon

The significance and importance of the guidon is that it represents the unit and its commanding officer. When the commander is in service, his or her guidon is displayed for everyone to see. When the commander leaves for the day, the guidon is taken down. It is an honor to be the guidon carrier for a unit, known as a "guidon bearer" or "guide". He or she stands in front of the unit alongside the commander (or the commander's representative) and is the rallying point for troops to fall into formation when the order is given. In drill and ceremonies, the guidon bearers and commander are always in front of the formation.

AG Guidon

The guidon is a great source of pride for the unit, and several military traditions have developed around it, stemming back from ancient times. Any sort of disgrace toward the guidon is considered a dishonor of the unit as a whole, and punishment is typical.

small field artillery guidon

In general, the following Army units are entitled to guidons: lettered companies, troops, and batteries of regiments and separate battalions; separate numbered TO&E companies; and headquarters elements of groups, brigades, divisions, corps, commands, schools, and similar organizations.

Bradley’s Custom makes a variety of guidon’s for your needs. We have several sizes ranging from 4 x 6 inches to 20 x 27 inches depending on what you need; these can be unfinished, single-sided finished or double-sided. We can even create customized ones for your class or special occasion.

We also make streamers for your company or whatever you might need.

While we can embroider battalion colors due to our machines we can not do full size battalion flags. The ones we make go into the frames.

Battalion Colors

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Please note we are not heraldry approved.

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